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The Africa Consult Group is a marketing management and marketing media consultancy; providing counsel and services to both public sector and private sector clients on both sides of the Atlantic.


The Africa Consult Group is an independent company of The African Times Holdings/USA, publishers of The African Times-USA national news journal with a print circulation in the United States of over 86,000 every two weeks, since 1989.


The operational structure of the Group is similar to the Financial Times—The Economist’s Intelligence Unit—where the news gathering and news bureaus provide rich and diverse research and input otherwise not reasonably available to other research and think-tank organizations.


We welcome your inquiries.  These are handled confidentially and we assure you that all activities and client interactions by the Group and by all of our personnel are scrupulously handled as off the record, confidential and low profile.


Those of you who are frequent flyers on Africa based airlines flying from the U.S. to Africa may be familiar with our advertisement which appears in the on-board copies of The African Times.  The advertisement articulates what we do and why we do it.

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